Kit Monster Stock Grading

Tier One

Our highest standard, Tier One includes internationally recognised brands in use with world class military units and organisations. Usually backed by manufacturers' warranties, Tier One items are suitable for the most demanding end users.

Tier Two

Tier Two kit meets our front line, teeth arm (IE Infantry) standards. These are high quality items from respected suppliers and manufacturers. Of military issue standard at least, Tier Two items feature Mil-Spec materials, and are suitable for all users, but more affordable than Tier One.

Tier Three

Tier Three items are approaching Mil-Spec, these will be manufactured overseas and are more suited to non teeth arm personnel, or those looking for quality but with less to spend.

Tier Four

Tier Four is for the less demanding user, or those on a budget. Tier Four items are ideal for recruits, low level training, Cadets and Air Soft.

Army Surplus Gradings

Super Grade items that have been issued but barely used, in many cases the only sign of issue may be a name or stores number marked on the item Grade One means used but still in good condition, with no repairs and plenty of an items working life left.

Grade Two items are heavily marked, well used or repaired. Kit Monster rarely offers items in such condition for sale. But in cases where an item is hard to find or appearance does not affect performance we may offer Grade Two stock, in such cases prices will reflect condition. All surplus stock offered by Kit Monster must meet our high personal standards before being offered to our customers.

Terms, Acronyms and Descriptions

IRR Infra Red Reduction this is a special carbon related treatment on military equipment that helps absorb infra red reducing visibility through night vision devices.

ISSUE As with NSN this is a mark of quality, genuine issue items have been approved by the military and are issued to troops. We will never describe anything but genuine issue as such. Items not described as genuine issue will most likely be of civilian origin but designed or suitable for military use.

MOLLE/PALS These are American terms used to describe modular webbing and load carriage systems. MOdular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) or Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS).

NSN (NATO Stock Number) this means an item has been approved for use and is available to forces within NATO, this can be considered a mark of high quality. If you need to know what NATO means you're on the wrong website.

PLCE Personal Load Carrying Equipment this refers to current issue British Army webbing and rucksacks.

UKSF United Kingdom Special Forces, an umbrella term covering those units tasked with special operations on behalf of the United Kingdom. These include SAS (Special Air Service), SBS (Special Boat Service) and SFSG (Special Forces Support Group).

'Ally' a popular slang term used by the military, particularly the army to describe something seen as desirable or 'cool'. Airborne forces claim some kind of ownership of this term, but everyone uses it. Also encountered as 'Allyness' IE 'Allyness saves lives', a concept we've built our business upon.

'Gucci' another slang term for desirable items, such a reference does not mean the item in question was produced by the famous fashion brand.

For any item of clothing or equipment to be accepted for issue or given an NSN it must meet strict requirements, if any item on this site is described as genuine issue or listed with an NSN you can be assured of its quality and design meeting the most stringent and demanding standards.

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